Hi guys, my name is Courtney, better known as courtneys98. I am new to the blogosphere but I just love to write!

So a bit about me…

This is my blog centered around Movies, TV shows, Books, Entertaiment News and more. But what you are yet to know about me is this: I have recently graduated from studying a BA Hons degree in Media and Communications Journalism, with the aspirations of eventually becoming journalist (hopefully surrounding entertainment) and a screen writer, writing for a great TV show or even writing, directing and producing my own. I have also had this life-long dream of writing and publishing my own novels. I am currently working on my first novel in the YA genre currently entitled: Disabled to Love, and I will keep you updated on the progress of this dream venture.

But hey dreams are sometimes just that…dreams. However, I intend to try and achieve all of these, and my writing career starts right here with this blog.

Keep in touch peeps 🙂