Netflix’s A Fall from Grace (2020)… Review


The latest in a long line of Netflix new releases, A Fall from Grace is a fantastic new thriller mixed with the excitement of a court room drama. Coming from dark comedy director Tyler Perry known for his character Madea this takes his credit as a director in a completely new direction with the help of his multi-million pound film studios.

Tyler Perry at the 82nd Academy Awards

A Fall from Grace focuses on public defender Jasmine, portrayed by Bresha Webb (Night School, 2018) who is asked to defend a woman, Grace – Crystal Fox (The Haves and Have Nots, 2013)

Accused of killing her husband and facing a life imprisonment, all Grace wishes is to accept the plea and move in a prison closer to her son, but lawyer Jasmine fears that Grace is clearly not telling her everything.

Screenshot of Netflix’s A Fall from Grace

Despite critics not taking a liking to Tyler Perry’s new venture and it only getting a 24% rating on Rotten tomatoes, the characters of both Jasmine and Grace are found to be extremely likeable whilst Grace’s husband Shannon is not so.

The classic good vs evil plot is clearly at work here and at some point the court case depicted in the film is one that has been seen before on many occasion. That being said although the idea lacks originality with certain plot points, the addition of Grace’s best friend Sarah played by Phylicia Rashad, adds an interesting and troubling character to Perry’s film, giving it the dark aesthetic he always strives for.

The performances from the lead actresses are the thing that carries this film through, despite the plot holes and been there and done it feel. Perry’s film was shot across five days, that’s no secret. This might explain the critics bashing since the film’s release. Just because it is not considered a ‘Must Watch’ doesn’t mean it’s one to miss.

In spite of the predictable ending, the film will hold its own on Netflix’s Watchlist, but it is a shame if its drowned out of the limelight to quickly!

Stream A Fall from Grace on Netflix now.

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